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“IN THE PIT LANE – F1 EXPOSED” investigates the complex and often secretive world that is F1.

It exposes the truth behind the glamour and unveils a world of human rights abuses and dirty money.

It is thought-provoking, hard-hitting and entertaining.

Discover how the governing body, the teams, the sponsors and the commercial rights holder in their relentless pursuit of the mighty dollar all look the other way when faced with the harsh realities of F1.

Read about the ten powerful individuals whose actions may threaten the very existence of F1.

Understand why Liberty Media’s strategy to focus on entertainment instead of racing has serious ramifications for F1.


“If you want to learn what goes on behind the doors of F1 and have a giggle at the same time “In the pit lane – F1 exposed” is a short but very interesting read.”

Tiff Needell – TV Presenter

15 years on Top Gear, 17 years on Fifth Gear and now @Lovecars

“In the Pitlane F1 Exposed” is a look into the underbelly of modern F1 from team principals, sponsors and new owners Liberty Media itself.

Well researched forensic examination of team sponsors activities and teasing some questions as to their possible motives for F1 sponsorship.

An entertaining read – particularly for those fans who are interested in the commercial business side of F1.

“A fascinating read and once you start you can’t put it down.”

Clark Rodgers – host of

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